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TITAN GEL – An our instruction that would help you enlarge your penis even more.
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How to Use “Titan Gel”? Our guide

“Titan Gel” is a product to increase the size and girth of the penis. It increases sensitivity during sexual intercourse.
How “Titan Gel” works

There are 3 stages:

  1. natural components relax the muscles, making them more elastic;
  2. improvement of blood circulation, growth of muscle activity;
  3. exercises lead to the gradual obtaining of desired results.

Use “Titan Gel” according to our instructions. This will allow you to increase your penis without risks to health. This will not take a lot of time and you will not need to do complex exercises. Innovative technologies and natural herbal components of the cream provide high efficiency.

The first results of applying “Titan Gel” appear after 10-14 days of use. They are expressed in prolonged sexual intercourse and penis hardness. After using this product for a month, the size of the penis may increase by 5-7 centimeters.


Allergic reactions are excluded. The doses of specially prepared extracts of thistle, lichen juice, Peruvian Maca and Epimedium are safe. Allergy to the combination of components is not clinically documented.

If you are going to have sex with a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, remove the remnants of the cream from the penis.

How to Use “Titan Gel”? Instruction
1 Preparatory stage

“Titan Gel” should only be used after proper hygiene. To properly wash your penis, you must first thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Do not wipe your hands. These are our recommendations for further care:

  • Carefully take the foreskin back as far as it yields. Do not pull it away from its natural point, as this can lead to penile injury and the formation of scar tissue
  • Apply soap under the foreskin, and then thoroughly wash away all the soap and dirt that has accumulated there.
  • Return the foreskin back to its natural position. Use a towel for intimate hygiene

To wash your penis, you need to use special soaps for intimate hygiene, although if your genitals are not very sensitive to soap irritants, you can use the common bath soap.

Observe the rules of personal hygiene! When you use “Titan Gel”, there should be no secretions, sweat and cosmetics on the surface of the penis.

2 Erect state of the penis

Your penis includes cavernous bodies and is permeated with a dense network of blood vessels. In the ordinary state, the blood moves very slowly through the blood vessels, but in case of sexual arousal, a huge amount of blood flows to the penile area, which erects it and increases in size. After you orgasm, the blood flows out. This reduces the size of the penis and returns it to its original state. The problem is to erect the penis, because the exercises are effective exactly when the blood flows in.

3 Application of “Titan Gel”

A very important step is the proper application of the cream! The final result and the effectiveness of the exercises depend on it. Lubricate your penis with “Titan Gel” slowly and very carefully. Evenly distribute a small amount of gel throughout the entire surface of the penis so that it is thoroughly moistened.

4 Exercises

Grab your penis at its base with your hand. Move your hand along the length of the penis to the level of the head slowly, slightly squeezing it. Your hand should not touch the head. After this, repeat the exercise. Move only from the base to the head without performing the reverse movement.

There are other, more complex, exercises:

  • Pulling the penis in the sitting position. For such gymnastics, you will need a slight erection. Let your penis grow in size by about no more than 30%. You need to pull it down as much as possible and sit on it. This activity is aimed at increasing the pressure on the internal components of your penis. This will help you increase both length and girth of the penis, as well as the base of the penis.
  • The bell. Get a full erection of your penis, start moving it left and right and up and down. Try to tense your perineal muscles as hard as you can.
  • Jelqing. This technique for increasing the size of the penis is known all over the world. To perform this exercise, you need to make your penis more than semi-erect. In this case, the head will not be used, so do not touch it. Take the penis shaft with two fingers, move up and down. Do not forget to use the lubricant, which will facilitate performing this exercise. If you suddenly feel that ejaculation is approaching, stop for a few minutes and then continue again.

These exercises should be performed daily for 7-10 minutes 2-3 times a day. Try not to miss training – this will greatly reduce the overall efficiency.

After exercises

It is not recommended to flex your penis. Otherwise, you can injure it seriously. Forget about the instant miraculous effect. So, remember that you do exercises for the long term. It is best to finish them with a warming massage. Massage your penis for no more than five minutes. Then take an ordinary towel and wrap your penis in it. This will increase blood circulation.

Side effects

If you do not perform these exercises correctly, side effects may occur. They include:

  • severe penile pain;
  • penile redness;
  • darkening;
  • occurrence of blisters;
  • deterioration of potency;
  • appearance of subcutaneous blood spots.

If you feel pain, loosen your grip or stop doing the exercises. Now you know how to use “Titan Gel” properly.

Regular sexual contacts and other recommendations

Sexual contacts will greatly enhance the results of the exercises. On average, you need not less than 3 acts per week. The most important condition is that they should not lead to fatigue, but, on the contrary, invigorate you.

Excessive amount of sex can deplete the body, so the penile activity may be disrupted. It is also harmful to stay without sex. A man must determine the optimal number of sexual acts for himself: it is individual for each person.

We recommend:

  • to completely abandon the addictions (smoking, alcohol);
  • to exercise regularly, especially in the gym;
  • to revise your diet and to build a healthy diet;
  • not to get too cold;
  • to strengthen your immune system.
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4th week Growth up to 5-7 cm! Your sex is getting better. The duration of your orgasm increases and you reach it faster, while you retain complete control over your ejaculation.